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Eden Dried Tofu is from freshly made firm tofu using only whole, Non-GMO soybeans, and ‘nigari’, a high magnesium mineral salt used to coagulate soymilk into tofu. The tofu is made in the traditional manner used for centuries. After the tofu is made it is cut into blocks and frozen for 20 days. After defrosting the tofu is pressed to remove water, sliced and naturally air dried before packaging. 

Eden Dried Tofu has a very mild flavor and is highly absorbent. When cooked with other foods the tofu soaks up their flavors. Use EDEN Dried Tofu in soups, stews, in vegetables or sea vegetable dishes and in stir fries. Dried tofu needs approximately 20 minutes cooking time and is best for medium to longer cooked dishes. Shred it after soaking and use in place of meat or chemically produced textured vegetable protein in chili, tacos, refried beans, burritos, stuffing, casseroles and grain burgers.



Whole Soybeans, Nigari (Magnesium Chloride)


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Weight 56 g





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